Home With Honor Parade

In the Home With Honor Parade, over 150,000 marched a two mile parade route through Times Square, New York City, to salute 1000 servicemen seated in a reviewing stand. There were 100 brass bands in the parade to welcome our GI’s home. This spectacular event – on the day the war ended – was completely ignored by much of our nation’s news media.

Here is an April 6, 1973 newspaper article about the Home With Honor Parade. Below are photos from the grand event.

Photos of the Home With Honor Parade

Troops celebrating at the end of the Vietnam War Vets Returning Home A picture of the parade held in honor of the returning vietnam veterans Picture of the parade in honor of Vietnam Vets returning home Homecoming parade for vietnam veterans in 1973 Picture of the Home with Honor Parade that took place 3/31/1973 Parade welcoming home Vietnam war veterans, held in 1973, when America withdrew from the Vietnam War Home with Honor Parade for our Vietnam troops Crowds (and dogs) honoring the Vietnam War Veterans at the welcome home parade More crowds honoring Vietnam Veterans at the Home with Honor Parade American Flag being proudly flown at the Home with Honor Parade Marchers in support of the troops in the Home with Honor parade Participants in the Home with Honor Parade in honor of the Vietnam War Vets Home with Honor Parade in Times Square, NYC

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