The Real Story of our Vets

The concept that Americans were hostile to our military can be disproved by just thinking about it.
Focus, in your mind, all of your relatives and friends who were around during the Vietnam War.
Then ask yourself: Who among them would have been not nice to someone in the service?

Of thousands who have been asked this question, only a handful knew even a single such person.

All but a handful of those in the anti-war movement were loyal Americans who disagreed with a government
policy. Nearly all shared the view of New York City Mayor John Lindsay, a prominent critic of the Vietnam War:

“100% of America is behind the fighting men and wishes them strength, respect, courage and Godspeed.”

Unfortunately, there was also a very tiny minority who marched under the flag of the enemy and wanted us to
lose the war. They had a different view of those who served in our armed forces.

anti war protestors burning the American Flag

Protester with Vietnam Flag Protester holding a sign saying "Vietnam has Won"

This handful of extremists – with the help of some in the news media – became “representative” of the
American attitude and behavior!

This sick image has been taught for 40 years and is believed by many.

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