Dedications & Credits


Dedicated to Captain Raymond Gimmler, New York City Fire Department, who steadfastly crusaded to mobilize public support for those serving in our military during the Vietnam War.

In memory of Richard Piatkowski and Ron Melnyk, long-time Board members, who worked on this website project, but died before we finished the job.

It is impossible to list the thousands of Americans who volunteered to do the countless hours of tedious work necessary to turn ideas into huge events. They quietly came from the ranks of ordinary folks, who love their country – and, just as quietly, slipped away after they finished the job.
They’re awesome.



The Website Team

Executive Director: Charles Wiley

Webmaster: M.C. Phillips

Video editor: Jose Contreras, Empyrean Productions

Dave Matthews helped on several fronts

Alice Wiley was indispensable

Greg Bartlett set up some of the early activity

All members of the NCRP Board of Directors and Board of Advisors contributed.
But, special thanks to Frank Perry and Andrei Prakurat for especially valuable work.

Board of Directors:

Dave Banas,  Data analyst

Dr. Voorhees Dunn,  Political science professor

William Gardiner,  Retired computer analyst

Tom Lamont,  Financial journalist, editor

RIP Leon Levonian,  Retired insurance company executive

Dr. Theodore Munday,  Retired chemist, associate research fellow

Vilma Novak,  Researcher, archivist

RIP Frank Perry,  Retired advertising art director

Bohdan Wasiutynski,  Retired social worker

Charles Wiley,  Lecturer, journalist

Ronald Wishart,  Retired newspaper opns mgr & LTC (Ret), USAR


Kevin O’Reilly, Esq.  Attorney

Timothy Anderson,   Actor, broadcaster

Paul Albe,  Contractor

Alice Kidney,  Accountant

Andrei Prakurat,   Advertising and graphic designer

Alice Wiley,  Market research

Scott Wiley,  Software engineer

Dr. Wesley Wynne,  Psychology professor

News Media Honor Roll:

They did their best to ensure that  public support for our GI’s was properly reported during the Vietnam War.
(Identification is their activity at that time.)   Others may be added.

Barry Farber,  Radio talk show host

Floyd Barger,  Editor of the NY Daily News

Jack Shanahan,  Associated Press reporter

Ted Kavanau,  WNEW-TV news director

Walter Engels,  WPIX-TV executive

Ed Benes,  NY Daily News reporter

Hank Machirella,  NY Daily News reporter

Paul Parker, WINS reporter

Jim Jensen,  WCBS-TV anchor

Jack McCarthy, WPIX-TV announcer




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