PART OF OUR HISTORY BECAME A LIE !

Our Vietnam veterans have been told that there was no big home coming parade, as after World War I & II.  

And, that’s what nearly everyone believes.

But, it’s nonsense.

On March 31, 1973, the day the United States withdrew our troops from Vietnam, they celebrated HOME WITH HONOR Day in New York City to welcome them back.     

Times Square on the day the Vietnam War ended 

                                                                                                   click to enlarge

Participants in the Home with Honor Parade in honor of the Vietnam War Vets

See details and pictures:  WELCOME HOME PARADE

Did you know about this great event?

Did you know that the third longest parade in United States history, to support our military in Vietnam, took place during the middle of the war?

Did you know that while there was all-out national coverage of anti-war protests, widespread huge activities in support of our GI’s  received little news media attention outside the areas where they took place?

The coverage of the Vietnam War, especially on the home front, is a prime example of how the news media can create public perception based on a false image of reality –  and change history.

A totally incorrect picture of attitudes toward those in uniform was projected – and the ludicrous belief that there was widespread hostility to our GI’s was established through the power of the media.

See Honor Roll,  at bottom of Dedications & Credits , for a list of those in the news media who properly reported public sentiment.

For MUCH MORE INFORMATION about public support for those who served in Vietnam, see www.HomeWithHonor.US